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Here I am.
Puffing on my Karl Erik and pondering again!


Simple Philosophy.

A long time ago I asked my father, "Dad, how do you get through life in the best possible manner?"
His almost instant and sage reply was really quite something.
"Just be fair, honest and reasonable, Son. That ought to do it."
I have tried to live by that ever since. I hope it is reflected here and that you, my customers, find it so.


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New Pipes

Estate Pipes

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I have sent pipes to:

Russian Federation
South Africa

All arrived safely.


Welcome to my place!

Please, read this first.

I have new and estate pipes for sale. The estates are all clean. Just so that everybody knows what this is all about, this is what you do:

Use the links at the top right hand side of this page.
If you find something you like, go directly to the order form.
Fill in the order form and send it off.


Postage, Packing and Payment.


I will ship by post to anywhere, but beware, postage varies from land to land. At the moment, you can expect to pay €15.00 for registered postage and packing to anywhere outside of Europe. (That's what the Post Office charges me!)

You don't need to pay me before you get an invoice from Paypal in your e-mail stating item and shipping costs. If you accept it, make payment by Paypal and your item will be in the post the following day. (Payment guarantees shipment.) If not, then e-mail me back and say "No thanks". I won't hate you for declining. I will thank you for your cancellation.

If you get no invoice within 48 hours, then your order failed and you have nothing to pay.
That keeps both you and me out of trouble. Simply try again.


Reservation Policy.


Normally, I will reserve a pipe for a maximum of fourteen days. Returning customers may get an extension if they are committing to buy. I do not ask for a deposit upon reservation.



Please note that prices are in

EURO and not US Dollars.

Questions? Feedback?

Use this link: Everything gets a reply.


Or, if you want to get some idea of who I am and what I do with my pipes, you can visit my blog:



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